Born on October 8, in Georgetown Guyana, Raymond Alli began his journey into this world in hopes of changing and inspiring lives one-step at a time. At the age of 8, Raymond and his family decided to leave behind their life in Guyana and move to Canada. Upon his arrival, Raymond opened up his mind to the boundless opportunities presented before him and believed that it was up to him to take advantage of these opportunities in order to create a dream that would soon become reality. His love and passion for dance and music came along very early in his life. At the age of 8, Raymond would begin by incorporating music into his everyday routine. From the moment he woke up in the morning till it was time to get ready for bed, music would always be heard. Raymond became fascinated by the different genres of music; the different rhythms and beats gave him the incentive to want to grasp the knowledge and skills of each form of dance across the world.

To many individuals, music is just a combination of vocal and instrumental sounds, but to Raymond, it meant so much more to him. His musical beliefs were similar to that of the great Sebastian Bach, who believed that music in itself was the refreshment of the soul and that the beautiful harmony that illuminates from within music, was next to godliness. Acknowledging this early in his life allowed him to go on to practice dancing, making sure that music was incorporated in every aspect of his daily lifestyle. His ambitious and motivational persona led him to create his own breakdancing group, which he called, “Ultra Ray Crash Crew.” His crew and himself took part in many competitions between different schools and won on several occasions. They held practice in the basement of a library until one day the librarian came down to see what was taking place. Amazed at what she saw, she let them continue and soon after many children gained knowledge about this and requested that they be taught how to dance by the Ultra Ray Crash Crew.

Not only has Raymond been passionate about dance but fitness as well. At the young age of 14 he understood the importance of keeping the temple within your body healthy and clean. His motivational nature led him to be the early bird that catches the worm as he woke up at the crack of dawn and made his way down to the gym. To Raymond, the body is very similar to a car. For a car outlast many others it must be maintained, it must be cleaned, it must be given the right fuel to progress and it must be driven daily to ensure that the engine gets enough work. If left alone, the engine may soon not be able to react any longer. Well, the same goes for the human body. The body needs to be maintained, needs to be cleaned, needs to be given the correct nutritional diet and must get an adequate amount of exercise so that it can live a long and healthy life. Raymond has dedicated himself to personal fitness and nutritional values for over 25 years and is ready to share his experiences and knowledge with others.

After focusing on his love for dance, music and fitness he decided to incorporate one other aspect into his life and completed a degree in Computer Science. Soon after his accomplishment, Raymond was hired at one of Canada’s most prestigious banks, CIBC and worked his way up to financial services. He is now proud to say that he has over 20 years of experience and expertise in his career.

Raymond is a well-rounded person, ready and capable to handle whatever life has to offer. He takes advantage of every opportunity to learn about this earth and every aspect of it. His fearless and courageous disposition has enabled him to spread his wings and create what many believed was impossible. Apollo Studio is a dream that has been brought to life and Raymond wants to share this dream with others. Raymond hopes to share his love of dance, music and fitness with others so that they too could feel the true essence of what these aspects can do to your lifestyle as they have done to his. Please join his adventure into the world where anything and everything is possible if you only believe!