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Stretch Your Life Span With YogaOnce we break away from thinking that we have X many years to live and instead look at it as how many breaths we have left, life makes a turn towards the nose. Every breath becomes important. 

Yogis are connoisseurs of the breath. They treat it like the fine and rare treasure it is. They study it and aim at making it smooth, long, and peaceful. Yoga is a breathing practice.

Stay Fit & Have Fun All At The Same TimeDancing can give you a great mind-body workout. Researchers are learning that regular physical activity in general can help keep your body, including your brain, healthy as you age. Exercise increases the level of brain chemicals that encourage nerve cells to grow. And dancing that requires you to remember dance steps and sequences boosts brain power by improving memory skills.

Dance is the Hidden Language of the SoulDancing can be magical and transforming. It can breathe new life into a tired soul; make a spirit soar; unleash locked-away creativity; unite generations and cultures; inspire new romances or rekindle old ones; trigger long-forgotten memories; and turn sadness into joy, if only during the dance.

Get Lean, Build Muscle & Lose Fat: Build Your Body!Exercise increases energy levels and increases serotonin in the brain, which leads to improved mental clarity. It is clear that those who are active and who exercise are much more productive at work.

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Apollo Studio strives to enhance your quality of life by encouraging dance and fitness to be part of your Higher Living by having fun and staying healthy at the same time.

Add yoga, dance, and fitness to your busy schedule and make time to enjoy your life, meet new people, and build long lasting relationships.

Register for a class online using the form to your right or call us to book your class at 647-341-2765.

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